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Grupo Sufealsa was created from the vocation of a business group which wishes to offer the steel market a wide range of products, guaranteeing the required quality, traceability, packaging, transport and delivery periods.

The group began its operations in 1994 with the distribution of flat product, gradually adding the rest of the products which make up its current extensive portfolio. In 2020, it expanded its business by adding an international rebar branch through its incorporation in the Aciesteel company, with presence in the markets of USA and Scandinavia.

Leading company in the distribution of steel


All materials that we distribute and transform have the required quality certifications, covering the needs demanded by our clients.

Commercial relationships


Spain, Germany, United States, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom and Turkey

Quality and Service


Capacity for managing both small and large tonnage orders with the same efficiency and speed.


Client orientation with a dynamic response, adapted to your needs.

We are located at the centre of the
Iberian Peninsula,
delivering material to
all of Spain and Europe.

Human Resources

The company has a balanced group of professionals, strongly committed to quality, service and customer support.


To contribute to the development of the steel industry, offering our clients and society quality, innovative and safe products and services which respect the environment.

To enhance the skills and qualities of our team, to achieve excellence through teamwork and consolidate the development of a competent organisation, guaranteeing reaching the target markets.

To provide key strategic value to our partners in associated companies for the development of markets in which they participate.

To guarantee continuity in the creation of value, ensuring the forecast profitability and financial robustness.


To be a company of reference in the distribution and transformation of steel in our markets, providing excellence in service and commitment to the success of our clients.

Sustainable increase of the value of the company.

To be an organisation capable of ensuring an excellent future for the group and a sustained increase of the value of the company.


Client service
Orientation toward people
Respect for the environment
Excellence in quality
Recognition of effort
Intention of continuous improvement